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Heidi is a 17 year old Thoroughbred and is a dressage schoolmaster or should I say mistress, for her new owner, Heather in Victoria, Australia.  A Suzannah Dressage saddle is on order for Heidi. The key issue fitting this saddle for Heather & Heidi is Heidi’s sway back.  A sway back is when a horse’s back dips excessively in the top line and often causes the saddle to bridge thereby putting the rider’s weight on the front and/or the back of the saddle and causing uneven pressure points and soreness for the horse. This was what was happening to Heidi.

Once the right width of the tree is established, the saddle needs to be flocked to the shape of Heidi’s back. Any dressage tree has more shape to it than other disciplines with its deeper seat and the Suzannah with its big broad panels makes it easier to change the profile of the flocking and get more flocking in to the waist of the saddle which is where it is needed for a sway backed horse. It is not easy to get right, takes skill and involves dropping the panels out, not something many fitters do. It is our view that you have to drop the panels out to get the right result and the best flocking material is pure, soft lamb’s wool.   It involves a lot more work but its worth it!

Heidi left side