English saddles made in the UK, Fitted & Supplied Worldwide



Many new customers in the UK but key countries for us so far this year overseas have been USA and New Zealand. Even more pleasing for us was that quite a few of these orders were from returning customers.

Popular saddles have been the Gazelle and Impala 1450 for jumping and the Suzannah (as ever!) and the Suzannah Monoflap for dressage. The Monoflap is proving a wonderfully successful saddle and to quote Sophie from New Zealand, “I have ridden in my saddle twice now and I’m in love”! That was a while ago now and she still is!

Notable so far this year has been the very detailed spec that was asked for and/or was necessary to achieve the fit. Many saddles were all or part Buffaloe, a few were made with extra detailing for example with patent leather and stitching, many had shorter/longer flaps, different block arrangements and one Suzannah in progress is being made with a very specific cut of the panels to fit a very difficult to fit Danish Warmblood in Norway.

Roll on summer!

PS This lovely Suzannah went to the USA!