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K**** from Nottinghamshire rang us on her way back from a show. Her coloured horse is “all shoulder” and very flat backed and her new saddle which had been fitted and made for her (not by us) had slipped back so badly and rolled about so much that she fell off. She was amazed her horse hadn’t bronked. Someone at the show suggested she call us (thank you, whoever it was!).

With big shoulders and a flat back, the fit of the saddle needs to be precise. Not only must the front arch of the saddle be the right width, it must be the right shape.  Once that is established, the saddle must be the right shape underneath so the gullet is wide and the panels are flocked to the shape of the horse. Given the type and shape of horse, the panels will need to be flat and soft. Many saddles are too rounded and thus will move about. Stability will be further helped with point and balance straps.

Poor K**** was now faced with buying a second saddle and with this in mind, Ian suggested she consider one of his own made to order Minster GP saddles which are unbeatable value at £695. I am about to add this saddle to our web site too! Do take a look under GP saddles!