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…..and the word is spreading!!!

The Sienna Dressage Saddle is a brilliant & ground breaking new design from Ideal. The Sienna combines a wide and forgiving fit for a well-muscled and/or bigger boned, broader shouldered type of horse with a narrow twist & seat for the rider. The design also puts the rider in a fantastic position, over the horse’s motion, not behind it.


Developed by Rob Lugsdin, the owner of Ideal, chief designer and the force behind this successful company. This saddle will suit professionals and amateurs alike. The word is spreading! 


We currently have several Sienna’s on order for clients, so more feedback in the weeks ahead!

We recently send this one to Jackie in the USA:

Ideal Sienna Dressage Saddle

Ideal Sienna Dressage Saddle in cognac with whisky liquor accents, rolls & cantle design

Ideal Sienna Dressage Saddle

Jackie says: THE SADDLE IS AWSOME!…..and then went on to say ” I’m very pleased with the feel of the saddle, it puts me in a great position. My horse seems to be moving freer through his shoulder already since wearing his new saddle, and he’s very particular about saddle fit! It’s also as beautiful as it could possibly be!!”