English saddles made in the UK, Fitted & Supplied Worldwide



Well, here we are in 2017 and I hope it’s a great one for all our customers and readers! We will soon be busy sending out saddles ordered at the tail end of last year and over the holiday period. As we had thought the Suzannah Monoflap is building a following and the other little observation from our orders is how far and wide our native breeds have flown!….saddles will soon be despatched for an Exmoor pony in Germany and a Fell pony in Poland!

In December, Ian and I visited Ideal which we do quite regularly, but this time we took a camera with us! We thought you would like to see where your saddles are made. More on this soon….I am busy putting something together to post on the web site.

During our visit, Ideal introduced us to their latest new saddle: the Ozelle. This saddle is truly an innovation and to our knowledge has never been done before. This saddle is for wide horses but at the same time gives a narrow twist for the rider! This saddle is for the flatter, wide backed horse….well muscled wide warmbloods, wide cobs, Icelandics and natives. It has a wide gullet, flat tree but narrow twist and deep seat for the rider. More on this soon!