English saddles made in the UK, Fitted & Supplied Worldwide



What will 2023 hold for us all? Have to admit, it has started slowly for us but we are not alone!!!! Hopefully things will pick up as they usually do(!) as the year gets properly into gear! Fingers & everything crossed!!!!

Last year, overseas customers accounted for two thirds of our orders rather than the usual roughly half. The USA, Australia and New Zealand were key markets for us, joined by orders from Canada, Switzerland, France and Norway. Very happily, we had several customers returning to us for another saddle. Katie from USA said…..

“It’s another work of art! It fits Solon perfectly and it’s very comfortable. Thank you again to you & Ian for such wonderful help & service”

As ever there was a wide range of type of horse & pony. As illustration, felt I had to share this pic from France. What a mane!

…..and, as ever, most saddles were made to a very individual spec for fit and in some cases for “look”. The Suzannah was as usual a key model, both the twin flap, in some cases built on a Jessica tree, and the mono flap. Popular too were the Impala Pro, the Grandee and the Gazelle. We can add to the list the Styletta, Lynx Monoflap Deluxe, Ozelle, Nyala, Sophia and the T&T adjustable. Notable last year were orders for larger seat sizes, 18″ & 19″ & 20″, some built with shorter panels, some not.

Specifications included modifications to the standard model such as:

  • shorter/longer/more forward cut flaps
  • deeper/shallower gussets
  • longer girth straps
  • shorter panels
  • custom knee rolls/blocks
  • multi cell comfort seat
  • coloured/contrast piping and stitching
  • Crocodile or stingray cantle

This Technical & Traditional (T&T) Adjustable Dressage Saddle was made with a specified flap length, blue piping and Stingray cantle:


Lets conclude with some kind words from Elsie in Scotland….

“Saddle is here and all is well, in fact better than well. I am delighted & more importantly so is Princess….good look and good fit. Thank you so much for all your help.”